UWPR safety

Safety First!

  • No food in the lab.
  • Always wear appropriate clothing and Personal Protective Equipment.
    Gloves, goggles and disposable lab coats are available for you to use.
    If you can't find them or are unsure what PPE to use, come ask us to help you.
  • Do not use any of the equipment unless you were trained by UWPR personnel.
  • Review the SOP's before using any chemicals.
  • Make sure your EH&S training is up to date, including the "Compressed Gas Safety" training to use the pressure cells. You can check the status of your training records here:
    EH&S My Training

University of Washington Laboratory Safety Manual
UW Laboratory Safety Manual
Laboratory Specific Infromation (pdf)

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
UW EH&S PPE page
UWPR PPE assessment (docx)

University of Washington MSDS/SDS Search
UW MSDS/SDS Search UW net ID required

UW Chemical Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
Contact EH&S 206-616-3778


UWPR floorplan, Assembly area, building fire safety evacuation plan (FSEP)
B59 Mass spec lab floor plan (pptx)
SLU_Arial_Campus_Evac_Staging_Locations for building D (pdf)
2019 0709 FSEP Building D_0.pdf
all SLU fire safety evacuation plan (FSEP), are located here (UWP Net ID required)

University of Washington Accident Prevention Plan
UW Accident Prevention Plan

Laboratory Risk Assessment Tool (Lab R.A.T.)
Laboratory Risk Assessment Tool (Lab R.A.T.)

Online Accident Reporting System (OARS)
OARS Reporting an Incident online Report any work-related injury or illness to your supervisor as soon as possible. Then report it to the Environmental Health and Safety Department (EH&S) via the UW Online Accident Reporting System (OARS). Submit the OARS report within 24 hours.

Health and Safety Resources
Please note these links to important health and safety resources:

The new Report a Concern form allows you to anonymously report any safety concern or potentially hazardous situation before an accident or injury occurs.

The improved Search page has filters for "Resource Type" and "Work Area" to help you quickly locate safety resources.

Please visit the EH&S website and familiarize yourself with the new layout and helpful tools.

Safety inspection and Self-Inspection Report PI log-in URL website and familiarize yourself with the new layout and helpful tools.